Welcome to South Ballajura Primary Campus

Welcome to South Ballajura Primary Campus

Welcome to South Ballajura Primary Campus

Welcome to South Ballajura Primary Campus

Welcome to South Ballajura Primary Campus

Welcome to South Ballajura Primary Campus
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Message from the Principals'


Welcome to South Ballajura Primary School.

Our School is truly a multicultural place of learning with staff and students from all parts of the globe joining together to form a diverse, rich school community. We are co-located with the South Ballajura Education Support Centre, which adds to the diversity of our school.  Visitors to the school notice and comment on the caring, safe, inclusive environment with kids smiling and learning together.

Our dedicated staff promote positive relationships between children, parents and the school based on respect and open communication.  Our focus is on developing a culture of high achievement and high care for every student in every classroom every day.  Our staff of skilled educators work with students to unlock their potential developing their skills and abilities to meet the demands of a changing world.

Digital Technologies are employed to enhance learning and assist with digital citizenship.  Children have access to information technologies in their classrooms and a computer laboratory through desktop and laptop computers, iPads, robots and other devices to offer a contemporary learning environment. We offer specialist classes in Indonesian, Music, Visual Art and Physical Education to ensure a well-balanced curriculum. Student skills and interests are further developed through lunchtime clubs: Signing, Jump Jam, Drumming, and Choir.

South Ballajura Primary School has a strong commitment to well-being, mental health and pastoral care with our Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer, Chaplain and School Psychologist playing an integral part in supporting our students and families along with a dedicated student services Deputy Principal.  The school views parents as partners in education and encourages parent participation in classroom activities, the development of learning plans and special school events.

Our pro-active P&C Association runs our on-site canteen and coordinates fundraising activities and social events such as school discoes and dress up days.  All of this adds to the fabric of our school and contribute to a rich, enjoyable learning environment for all.

You are invited to visit our school and learn more about our successes.

South Ballajura Education Support Centre is a highly successful Independent Public School and is a purpose built Kindy to Year 6 multicultural school for students with diagnosed disabilities, co-located with our partner primary school.

The SBESC community continues to maintain a reflective culture and dedication to making a positive and significant difference in the life of every Special Educational Needs (SEN) student and their family. Creating a safe, engaging learning environment for our school community is the foundation for student personal and academic success.

We offer ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ for students with Special Educational Needs, by providing evidenced-based approaches, including contemporary Applied Behaviour Analysis, along with explicit small group instruction, and quality inclusive opportunities with primary school peers. Committed and innovative staff teams provide consistent expectations and have expertise in catering for the wide range our students’ learning, social, communication, and sensory needs in collaboration with service providers.     

Whilst the WA Curriculum provides a rich context for learning experiences, learning goals are tailored for each student based on individual needs and parent priorities. Consequently, there is an overall focus on multi-modal communication, literacy, numeracy, social and emotional skills. Emphasis is on positive expectations through the ‘You Can Do It’ Keys to Success (Confidence, Organisation, Persistence, Getting Along and Resilience). Engaging in our inclusive clubs, Signing, Drumming and Jump Jam, with performance opportunities, epitomises the Campus motto, “Learning Together - Growing Together,” and enables students to flourish and shine.

Our valued Community Access Programs provide students with a variety of venues across the year in which to generalise the social and academic skills taught in classrooms. Student motivation and learning is enhanced by integrating innovative technologies, programs and applications.

Building mutually respectful, positive relationships with our whole community is a focus at SBESC based on our ‘T.E.A.M’ philosophy – ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. Parents are vital partners in planning and enhancing their own child’s individual learning program as well as being encouraged to be active Board members to steer the vision and direction of the school.

We invite you to visit our dynamic, inclusive school community.