Welcome to South Ballajura Primary Campus

Welcome to South Ballajura Primary Campus

Welcome to South Ballajura Primary Campus

Welcome to South Ballajura Primary Campus

Welcome to South Ballajura Primary Campus

Welcome to South Ballajura Primary Campus
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Student Health and Wellbeing

Thinking Hats

SBESC staff use De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats as an invaluable visual teaching tool. Each coloured hat is a visual cue representing a specific focus in the thinking process. These 6 visual prompts enable students to break down the cognitive steps required to solve a problem or make a decision. Teaching staff model thinking hats in conversation and encourage students to communicate their problems and solutions using the thinking hat terminology. “The purpose of thinking is not to be right all the time, but to get better ideas” (Edward De Bono)

You Can Do It!

'You Can Do It!' (YCDI) is an educational program designed for the development of social and emotional capabilities. Campus students learn the five keys to success - Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along and Resilience as well as the importance of positive self-talk. All students are explicitly taught and then practise applying the five keys in everyday situations. A whole campus YCDI faction token reward and recognition system is in place for both individuals and whole factions.

Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation program is a systematic cognitive behavioural approach used across the school to teach self-regulation. The program increases awareness and independence in controlling emotions and impulses. A consistent language and visuals are provided to support student social & emotional learning.

Chaplain Support

Mr Avram, our YouthCare School Chaplain  provides pastoral care to staff, parents and students. This includes assisting with the school breakfast club, running “THE BRAVE” online program to nominated students, promoting recycling/ sustainability efforts, liaising with Mission Australia and Wanslea to assist parents with NDIS plans as well as facilitating the school and local community organisations networking.


Peaceful Kids

‘Peaceful Kids’ is an 8-week Mindfulness and Positive Psychology based program to lessen anxiety and stress and increase resilience in children. The program gives children the skills, practice, and support to utilize self-calming/ coping strategies, including mindfulness practices so that they are better equipped to deal with the day to day stresses that life brings them.

Zen Zone

South Ballajura Education Support have now established a sensory space called the Zen Zone. The Zen Zone promotes Health & Wellbeing and meets students specific sensory needs. Students benefit from, and enjoy the experience of refocusing in a calming environment. The Zen Zone is also a Behaviour Support tool for assisting students to regulate their emotions and senses, and utilises a TEACCH rotation system for students to transition to different activities in the room. Our centre use the Zen Zone for Whole class sessions as well as individual sessions depending on the sensory needs of the students.

Move To Learn

The Move to Learn movement program is a simple, flexible movement program, based on natural movements. It addresses the underlying functional deficits integrating left and right brain functions helping to mature the vestibular system. It can be done with an individual, a small group or with a whole class. South Ballajura embraced 'Move to Learn' as a functional movement program for our students.

Protective Behaviours and Health

Protective Behaviours is an educational program designed to assist our students to recognise and practise a range of safe and acceptable behaviours around people. Using visuals, role plays and other hands-on activities, our students learn the following skills - identifying own and others' feelings, discriminating between public and private places and behaviour as well as 'circle concept', an approach to explaining acceptable degrees of intimacy in different relationships, as well as learning about whom to approach for help when needed. In Health, the students learn about making smart food choices and also appropriate personal hygiene practices.