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Pastoral Care

At South Ballajura Primary School Campus staff  are committed to the wellbeing of each student.  We pride ourselves on creating positive and safe learning environments that support  the physical, social, intellectual and emotional development  of every student.  Our inclusive learning programs cater for a diverse range of student needs and allow individuals to achieve.  Students feel safe in an environment where expectations are clear and routines are developed and  teacher-student relationships underpin our effective pastoral care. We have a range of support networks within the school including School Psychologist and Chaplain.

Academic Support

A Student Services team , comprising of various staff members operate to ensure that the needs of students are met.  They assist with the identification of students at educational risk and work with teachers, parents and other health professionals to develop individual and group academic or  behaviour plans.  This ensures that these students can reach their full potential.

Gifted and Talented Students

South Ballajura Primary School provides a challenging and broad curriculum.  Students are provided with opportunities to participate in external competitions in different learning areas.  Our Specialist programs within the school allow students to be extended and enriched within their class. Students in Year 5 & 6 who have been  identified are invited to participate in external classes through the ‘Primary Extension and Challenge’ (PEAC).  Students in Year 1-3 who have been identified as academically talented can participate in the ‘Early Years Extension Program’.  Both these programs are held at various sites throughout the metropolitan area, dependent on the program being offered.

School Psychologist

Our school Psychologist currently works two days a week on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Primary school and Thursdays in the Education Support Centre .

The role of the School Psychologist consists of:

  • Educational assessments that have been referred through the Student Services team.
  • Assistance and possible referral to outside agencies for families in crisis.
  • Support for staff, students and families following a critical incident.


School Chaplain

The school chaplain is Penny Eddison. You can contact her on 9249 8022, or leave a message with the school administration if she is not available.

Information about the School Chaplain:

  • A YouthCARE Chaplain’s position is funded by The Australian Government under The National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program. Here at South Ballajura the government funds the Chaplain for 2 working days.
  • The Chaplain is a representative of a wide range of Christian churches (i.e. non-denominational). Primarily they offer pastoral care within the school community, guided by three core values: respect, compassion and service.
  • At South Ballajura Primary School the Chaplain forms a part of the Student Services team. They work alongside this team and aim to cultivate the personal and social wellbeing of students, their families and school staff through: one-to-one pastoral care conversations, small group activities and other relevant programs or expressions of service.
  • Chaplains show individuals within the school community that they matter!