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This Wednesday 23 November between 1 and 2pm we will be having our class party as a reward for the class that had the highest amount of fundraising for the Fun Run.

All the cost has been covered, so there is no need for students or parents to bring anything along. The students have chosen to have pizza and garlic bread while we watch the movie Mr Stinky. We have been reading the novel of the same name in class by David Walliams.

The students have requested and voted on a colour theme (which compliments our book!) and have chosen to wear black. Those students that do not want to participate can remain in school uniform. Students are to bring their clothes to school and may change after lunch. They will need to change back into their school uniform to return home from school.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with me either through the student diary, the front office or email on