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Office Bearers 

 Annette Hopkinson  
Vice President: Jo Amon
Treasurer: Kylie Mason

School Council Members
Frank Scarfone (Principal)
Karen Wright (Deputy)
Denise Hazeldine (Teacher)
Anne-Marie Merrington (Teacher)
Azman Adelaide (Chairman – Parent)
Annette Hopkinson (Parent)
Loc Tran (Parent)
Arthur Vaka (Parent)
Deborah Jones (Chaplain)
Chris Friend (Senior Pastor)
Adam Kovalevs (Councillor)
Robert Horton (Community)
Betty Vlahov (Registrar – Minute Taker)

ESC Board
Sue McDonald (Board Chair-Community Member)
Cheryl Lennox (Principal)
Martin Crawford (Parent)
Lee-anne Green (MCS-Board Secretary)
Heather Loppolo (Community Member)
Travis Nightingale (Parent)
Yolande Williams (Teacher)
Robert Doohan (Community Member)
Linda Soteriou (Community Member)
Wendy Hanks (Parent)
Erin Thorp (Parent)
Jenny Quigley(Staff)

School Banking: Tina Christmss & Norhajar Mustapha
Uniform:  Stephanie Bjorke-Nielsen
Canteen:  Michelle Cole, Bronwyn Plane, Tina Christmass, Suzee Woods
Fundraising:  Bronwyn Plane, Kylie Mason, Katrina Bache & Tina Christmass
Year 6 Graduation: Norhajar Mustapha, Tina Christmass & Katrina Bache

General Meetings
This is the ordinary meeting of the P&C where normal business is discussed. These meetings are open to any member of the school.

These meetings are held monthly on Mondays in Week 3 and 7 at 6.30pm in the Library.

Executive Committee Meetings
This committee meets between General Meetings to discuss items of urgent or ongoing nature, and/or to set the agenda for the General.

Sub Committee Meetings
These meetings are very often more informal than General Meetings and are held based on required need.

Annual General Meeting
As the name suggests, held once per year. Minutes of the AGM should be confirmed at the next General Meeting of the P&C Association, thus confirming all resolutions passed at the AGM including the election of Office Bearers.